Where They Go We Go

Proud that one of our own (K9 Achal was donated by us) was able to assist in the arrest:


On February 16th, Officer Dan Cota and K9 Achal responded to a vehicle pursuit at Hansen Dam.

The suspect rolled a stolen vehicle on Wentworth Street, crawled out, and jumped a nearby fence while Foothill Officers pursued the suspect on foot. The suspect was able to elude the officers by fleeing through water, mud, and thick foliage.

Officer Cota and K9 Achal led a K9 team, along with some enthusiastic Foothill patrol officers, into the Tujunga Wash. The weeklong rains had made the wash extremely difficult to navigate, and the bushes were so thick that the team could not see more than five feet ahead.

Cota quickly attached a long line to K9 Achal’s harness and safely worked Achal into the scent where Achal pinpointed the suspect’s location. The suspect was found hiding along the water’s edge partially submerged in the water under the thick foliage.

Once located by K9 Achal, the suspect complied with officers and was arrested!
K9 Achal endured an adverse reaction to something in the wash and had sore paws from being in the tough outdoor environment. VCA Veterinarians came to the rescue and made sure K9 Achal was treated for the reaction and soaked his paws. Great job in nabbing the suspect and toughing it out!