Make a Donation

Your tax deductible dollars are spent wisely and effectively on the acquisition, training, equipping and maintenance of dogs and supplies critical to the proficient operation of the K-9 Platoon.

Tax ID: 95-4199695

Wondering how your donation might be used? Here is the K9 Unit’s “wish list” – its estimated annual budget of items needed and the costs for same.

QtyItemCost Per ItemTotal Cost (incl. taxes)
6Police Service Dogs$12,000.00$72,000.00
2Bite Suits$2,000.004,360.00
6Bite Sleeves$300.00$1,962.00
2Shears (Gardening)$25.00$54.50
10Gardening Accessories$75.00$817.50
2Bite Helmets$75.00$163.50
2Pole Cams$2,500.00$5,450.00
25Training Boots$250.00$6,812.50
6Metal Detectors$500.00$3,270.00
4Bark Collars$150.00$654.00
6Thermal Imagers$8,500.00$55,590.00
18Training Jump Suits$75.00$1,471.50
10Scent Articles$75.00$817.50
35Tactical Gloves$35.00$953.75

We thank you for your donation!