Our Mission

Our Story

The inception of the Los Angeles Police K9 Fund was in tandem with that of the Los Angeles Police K9 Unit, which  began at the West Bureau in 1980 as a trial program with two search dogs.  The achievements of those first two dogs were so spectacular that the program was declared a success,  an official K9 Unit was approved, and two more dogs were added.  Three and a half decades later,  the K9 Metro Unit  has 18 Tactical Search K-9 Teams and 6 Gun Detection K-9 Teams.  Each team consists of a dog and a trainer.  The Los Angeles Police K-9 Fund has donated the majority of the dogs used by the Metro Division K9 Unit over the last 35 years.

The Los Angeles Police K-9 Fund and the Metropolitan Division K-9 Platoon have maintained a solid partnership for the past 37 years. During this time, the K09 Platoon has grown into a premier K-9 unit within the Police K-9 world, and this would not have been possible without the support of the Los Angeles Police K-9 Fund. Although, other entities as well as individuals have donated and/or supported the K-9 Platoon, the Los Angeles Police K-9 Fund remains as the foundation upon which the Platoon was built and continues to be its major source of support today. The Los Angeles Police K-9 Fund undoubtedly has a role to play in the ongoing growth and success of the Metropolitan Division K-9 Platoon.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck and Captain Jonathan L Tippet