Aro the Hero

“Shots Fired, Officer Needs Help” went out over the police radio band in summer 2017, and the Metropolitan Division K-9 Platoon of the Los Angeles Police Department responded immediately.   Officers conducting a parole compliance check had been fired at by a suspect hiding behind a metal security door.  Exchanging gunfire with multiple officers, the suspect fled into the residential neighborhood nearby.

A citizen’s tip led officers to the rear yard of a local residence.  K-9 Aro was deployed to clear the rear of the property prior to sending in police.  Aro worked his way down a long driveway and disappeared out of sight around the back of the property.  A volley of gunshots came from the house. While heading for cover, Aro’s handler called repeatedly for Aro to return.

After a long delay, Aro reappeared and joined his handler, while gunfire from the house continued.  Aro seemed fine and was not limping, but soon blood was seen oozing from his left rear leg.  With the suspect still on the loose and the “hot” situation ongoing, Aro could not immediately be taken for veterinary care.

Although shot and under continuing fire, Aro remained on the job with his team for hours until they finally captured the violent suspect hiding in a shed.  Aro’s team stayed safe because they were able to remain in a sheltered position and determine the suspect’s location after Aro’s search drew the suspect’s fire.  Aro recovered quickly and was back on the job in a few days.

Aro exemplifies the type of intelligent, dedicated and resilient K-9 provided by the Los Angeles Police K-9 Fund to the Metropolitan Division of the Los Angeles Police Department for over 35 years, along with equipment and training for the K-9 Platoon.

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